Marine Jewel Capsule

The Shangpree® Marine Jewel Capsule is formulated with marine ingredients, the composition of which matches the skin’s own and is therefore accepted immediately and absorbed regardless of skin type and skin condition.
It is a weightless formula that helps nutrients penetrate deep within the skin and provide it with necessary nutrients and anti-oxidants. The capsules have the effectiveness of an ampoule and the texture of a serum. The soothing and nourishing capsules contain the S-Marine jewel formula along with Royal Jelly and Phytosphingosine, a water-binding fatty ingredient with extremely repellent and protective properties that make the skin soft, nourished and resilient.
This unique product has been shown to brighten and rejuvenate the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, regenerate the softness and elasticity of the skin and improve hydration.

• Compliments all skin types, perfect for dry, mature skin.