WISHPro Plus + Natural Line

Natural Line

The Natural Line is based on healing natural oils. This line works to reverse damages caused to dry, sensitive, irritated skin in a healthy, non-invasive way for calm smooth rejuvenated skin.

WISHPro Plus + Natural Line Peel Exfoliator Capsule

Peel Exfoliator Capsule

A natural scrub, the Peel Exfoliator capsule combines Sweet Almond Oil with exfoliation particles. Further enriched with vitamins E and A, the formula contains two kinds of cellulose peeling to remove dead skin cells, increase blood circulation and encourage cell turnover. Helping you realize the youthful and toned skin.

WISHPro Plus + Natural Line Anti Aging Capsule

Anti Aging Capsule

Jojoba oil present in the capsule helps the skin look and feel younger. While the other natural components help create a moisturizing barrier that locks in the essential nutrients the skin needs while strengthening its immune.

WISHPro Plus + Natural Line Calming Milk Capsule

Calming Milk Capsule

With Calendula Oil containing antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Recommended for individuals with dry acne prone skin or sensitive skin.

WISHPro Plus + Natural Line Rejuvination Capsule

Rejuvenation Capsule

Shea Butter in the capsule penetrates deep into the skin rejuvenating damaged cells, restoring elasticity and skin tone leaving you with youthful smooth skin.