WISHPro Plus + Infusion Line

Infusion Line

Lightweight formula with powerful active ingredients and antioxidants that work to restore the skin’s youthful luster and slow down micro-aging. Our Infusion Line capsules are designed to work with all types of skin regardless of geography and offer a light consistency and high concentration of infused extracts.

WISHPro Plus + BTX Infusion line

BTX Capsule

The BTX capsule contains a patented Argireline® peptide solution C, which is a specially engineered as a topical treatment that mimics the effects of BOTOX® by modulating muscle contraction to inhibit wrinkle production.

WISHPro Plus + Hyaluronic Infusion line

Hyaluronic Capsule

With Cristalhyal® which is one of the most effective moisturizers in the market. This amazing capsule increases the skin’s water retention capacity, increases lymphatic drainage, boosts collagen production and helps skin look younger and nourished.

WISHPro Plus + Collagen Infusion line

Collagen Capsule

This moisturizing capsule contains Mari Coll, a highly pure marine collagen with a unique amino acid composition. It reinforces the skin’s immune system and fights free radicals to slow-down skin aging and cell degradation.