COOLA Classic Sunscreens contain the latest FDA approved non-mineral (chemical) actives, however our active levels are as low as one seventh of our competitor’s levels. We achieve this reduction through the use of natural Phyto protectors (derived from ingredients like Plankton) and a recently patented organic emulsifier ‘Hydresia O’, extracted from Safflower Oil.

Our Classic Sunscreens achieve the same SPF values as competitors, with up to 80% fewer active ingredients. Fewer active ingredients diminish the risk of irritation and increase the lightweight texture of these premium formulas. COOLA Classic Sunscreens are the EWG’s highest-ranking non-mineral lotion and spray sunscreens. These prestige, weightless formulations include options that are water resistant up to 80 minutes.

Collection Benefits:

  • Patented plant technology enhances sun safety by time releasing FDA approved active ingredients. The result, fewer actives needed to achieve the same high SPF factors as competitors with up to 80% fewer chemical actives.
  • Patented organic emulsifier Hydresia O acts as a barrier on the skin and only allows water-soluble ingredients to penetrate the epidermis.
  • Ultra sheer, moisturizing, and weightless formulas that are water resistant up to 80 minutes.
  • Environmental Working Group’s 2015 highest ranked non-mineral sunscreen!

Classic Range Products